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I’m finally working on something. I guess it’s a Christmas gift for all you guys, but it’s not really Christmas-themed, so whatever. I’m giving myself a deadline so I don’t let it stew for weeks: 96 hours from now.

It’s coming!

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Good Slut

Fucking finally, right? ;)
Downstairs, a door slammed. I was jerked out of the semiconcious stupor I had been in up to that point and rose to the maximum height the cage allowed, which meant kneeling, and hunched just slightly.

“I’m back, pet.”

He didn’t need to say it, but the sound of Owner’s voice sent a chill up my spine. A weekend locked in my cage had left me with nothing to do but think about what He would do to me when he got back. As a result I had been oozing from the cage secured tightly to my cock constantly for the last fifty hours as well as greatly anticipating Master’s return.

I listened intently as his heavy steps came up the stairs, and the quiet click of the doorknob as he let himself in.

“There you are. Master’s back from his business trip, slut. Are you happy to see him?” I nodded enthusiastically. “Of course you are.” He knelt down and produced a key from the pocket on his dark trousers.

“Did you take the pills I left with you?” He asked, sliding the key in. “We can’t let you miss a day,” he said, eyeing my small but growing breasts.
Again, I nodded. He grinned, and pulled the cage door open. “Well come on then, slut,” he ordered.

I crawled forward, the fabric of my stockings rubbing against the carpet. I arched my back in a long stretch, enjoying my extra face in the relative freedom of Master’s bedroom.

“Your Owner’s eager to feel those tender little holes of yours again, girl.” He punctuated the statement by removing his belt. I took the hint, and unbuckled his fly, keeping my eyes fixed on his. I let his pants slide down, and with a slow, deliberate motion, tugged his boxers down. 

Owner’s semihard cock appeared at the bottom of my vision, my gaze still on Owner’s face above me. I gingerly grasped at the shaft, fingers wrapping around the base. I gave three slow, long tugs, coaxing it to extend, uncurling upward, to its full seven inches.

"That’s a good slut," he said.

I lowered my eyes to his member, my slender fingers still curled around his base. Lovingly, I began to kiss its head, lapping at it playfully. Inch by inch, I wrapped my lips further along the shaft, stopping about halfway down and pulling myself off him with a wet smack. A thin line of saliva and precum trailed in an inverted arc from his cock to my mouth. Again, I pushed his length into me, this time with less ceremony than raw cocklust. I pumped along him for a few brief seconds, savoring the testosterone-laced sweat and pre that was coating the interior of my mouth.

He had been standing in happy silence, so I looked up, surprised, when he gave a short grunt. He pulled out of me, and knelt, looking me right in the eye. His fist closed around my crimson collar, creating a tightness around the back of my neck as he rose to his feet, pulling me with him.

He spun us around, with his hands firmly at my hips. I stumbled, but regained my balance as he held me steady. I wasn’t sure what precisely was happening until he started backing me up. I realized just before I hit it. Owner’s bed slammed against the back of my legs, knocking me down onto it. I giggled as my legs flew up, the white fabric of my stockings and my heeled feet being tossed into view.

Owner’s hands suddenly closed around my ankles, anchoring them in midair. He reached down to my crotch, and his fingers closed around the fabric of my white lace panties. In a single motion he wrenched them off me.

He bent down and ran his tongue along my chest, tracing the edges of my little tits. I let out a quiet gasp and he smiled, then rose.

"Hold your legs back, slut." I did. He held out two of his fingers, pressing them against my lips. I parted them, letting his digits roll around my inner cheek. He pulled them out again, and started rubbing my asshole with the moistened fingers, pressing just soft enough not to penetrate. I bit my lower lip and screwed my eyes shut in anticipation.

Finally the gentle but firm pressure of his fingers vanished, replaced a half-second later by a stronger, more invasive one. Two seconds later, my hole relented and he slid in with a quiet pop. I could feel my own spit on his shaft. I squeezed my legs further back as he loosened me out, the familiar painful but satisfying feeling intensifying as inch by inch he filled me. Finally, he stopped, his crotch pressed against my buttocks.

"You’ve tightened back up a bit, girl. Feels nice."

"Th-thank you Master," I managed.

He was pumping in and out now, the shock of entry fading as he fucked me. He was praising me, calling me his good little bitch. I was in heaven, two days fantasizing about this moment making it all the sweeter. I couldn’t tell you how long he fucked me for, I was enjoying it too much.

Finally, his slaps against my buttocks became slower and irregular. With a satisfied sigh his cockhead popped back out of me, followed by the trickle of his load.

He took my hand in his, pulling me back to my feet easily. I stumbled and regained my footing. He chuckled and painfully slapped my bare ass, nearly causing me to fall back onto the mattress.

"I enjoyed that. Good slut. Now make me a good dinner and I’ll let you put some panties back on."

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Sorry for all the inactivity over the last couple months. I’ll be posting more soon!

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Game Night


I scurried to the source of the call, my Master, sitting on the couch, watching television.

"Yes, Sir?" I asked.

"I’ve invited the guys over tonight to watch the game tonight. Of course, you’ll be the service and entertainment. Got that?"

I nodded.

"Good. Then go clean yourself up and get dressed in that maid’s outfit of yours this instant. Then get into the kitchen and have snacks for eight ready. They’re expected to start arriving at seven."

"Of course, Master. I’ll go now."

I started up the stairs. Right then I was completely nude, save for a black thong and my ever-present collar. At the top of the stairs, I turned the corner into my dedicated dressing and bathroom. Gingerly closing the door, I turned to the full-length mirror and dropped my thong to the floor. Underneath, my cock cage glinted, reminding me of my position.

I reached over to the counter and took my bottle of estrogen pills, removed the cap, and placed one on my tongue. Taking a glass of water, I swallowed it. Reminded by taking the thing, I turned back to the mirror and examined my nascent breasts. I had been on the hormones only a short while, but already I had noticeable, if small, tits and decidedly perky nipples. I was somewhere around A cup. Master had told me he estimated I would be around C cup when I was done growing, and that he was very satisfied with my progress so far.

I stepped into the shower, turned the valve and let the cold water run into my hair, over my collar and down my back. I squirted some conditioner into my hand, and massaged it generously into my scalp, letting it run through my full foot and a half of dark, straight hair. I took a bar of soap and lathered it over my body. I stood in the cascade for a few more minutes, letting myself be cleansed, at last stepping out and carefully drying myself.

I then opened the door to my walk-in wardrobe, opened a drawer and extracted my sheer, black, thigh-high stockings, and similarly transparent dark panties. I slid them all on. Subsequently, from another drawer, I took my frilly, black-and-white French maid’s uniform, and put it on. It was, naturally, low-cut and short, and did a fantastic job of showing off my growing breasts and plump, pantied ass. Finally I looked in the mirror and tied a small, matching black bow in my hair.I lifted the hem of the outfit’s skirt, and saw a wet patch forming in my panties. My little sissy clitty was leaking through the chastity device. 

At the counter again, I gave my face a quick dusting of makeup, applying mascara and lipstick generously. Turning back to the mirror, I gave myself a once-over. I looked like a proper little slut. 


Master’s first guest arrived just after seven. There was a loud rapping at the door, so I scampered eagerly over and opened it. I recognized Master’s friend Jack. He looked down at me and smirked.

"Look at you. Those tits of yours are coming in nicely, aren’t they?" As he commented on my breasts, he placed his hand on my left one and squeezed hard. They were quite tender, so I blushed and tried to squirm out of his grasp.

He responded with a hard slap to my right cheek. I suppressed a cry out, and bit my lip. “Don’t you dare do that ever again, you fucking little cunt. You’re lucky I don’t report you to your Master, see what he’d do with you knowing you disrespected a guest. Scared almost to the point of tears, I nodded. He shoved me aside and strode into the house.

The other guests arrived without incident, and I was much better-behaved when they groped me. Overall I was quite well-recieved, as Master hadn’t shown me off in quite a while and I had progressed significantly since then, my estrogen working wonders.

When the game started I was told to bring the guests drinks, so I fetched a platter and placed eight cans of Corona on it, then strode into the entertainment room, swinging my hips and ass. I bent over in front of every guest, letting him take a can from the tray. As I served Jerry his, behind me, Carl grabbed my collar, jolting me back, and gave my ass a hard slap. I yelped and nearly dropped the platter, but managed to avoid spilling any.

"Careful, bitch." Master said. "Spill one drop of that and you will face consequences that you won’t like."

I reddened, and, voice faltering, said, “yes Sir.” A chuckle went up around the room.

When the game was finished, Master turned off the television and placed my large black dildo on the floor right in front of it, where everyone was looking. He took my face in his hand and said, “Okay, girl, you know what to do.” I nodded.

Facing the dildo, my back to the men, I placed a gloved hand on my panties and tugged them down to my knees, showing off my bare ass. Then I stuck a finger in my mouth and wet it, next rubbing it between my ass cheeks and over my hole, showing off to the guests as I lubed myself. 

I turned around, and slowly lowered myself onto the silicon cock. I moaned quietly as it entered me, experience allowing me to take the full seven inches. I lifted the edge of my skirt back, folding it over so that my caged clitty was fully exposed, and all the leakage was fully visible. The men began to stand and walk over to me, getting their cocks out.

I started to slowly ride the dildo, letting it rub my hole. The guests were in tight formation around me, all staring down at me and starting to jerk their cocks.

"Good girl," my Master said.

"You’ve got a fine little bitch, Richard," someone said to Master.

I whimpered as I fucked myself. Someone thrust their cock out to me, so I took it in my hand and started to jack it off. Another did too, so both hands of mine were full of cock. A third took advantage of my mouth when I opened it to moan, sticking his thumb in and opening my jaw. I got the message and took his cock in my mouth, savoring the deep, musky taste and scent. After around half a minute, another guy took my left hand and placed it on his cock, and the guests intermittently rotated.

After a bit, Master stopped jerking for a second and knelt down in front of me. He placed a hand on the front of my dress and pulled it down, so my perky new breasts sprang out fully.

"Damn, those are fantastic tiny tits. Do you like what your Master has done to you?" I was asked. I nodded, truthfully. I was very happy to be made Master’s little girl.

I kept fucking myself and moaning through whatever cock was in my mouth at the time for what seemed like hours. Finally, I felt the cock in my mouth twitch slightly at the base. Its owner pulled out immediately. Massive streams of cum splashed over my hair, face and chest. Seconds later, the cock in my left hand did the same thing. Then a man standing and jerking in front of me shot his load all over my little tits and dress. After a half-minute’s pause, one that I was sucking came right into my mouth, an insane volume of cum splashing into my throat. A man to my side shot off into my one-and-a-half-feet of brunette hair. Two simultaneously shot onto my face, and though I opened my mouth eagerly, I was only able to catch and swallow a bit of their incredibly abundant. The last guest covered my breasts again, creaming my perky nipples.

I realized only one man was left. He was in my mouth, in fact, fully into my throat. It was Master. He smirked down at me as he shot directly down my throat, and I felt my stomach filled with his familiar nectar.

"Cum for me, girl," He ordered. I bounced on the dildo one last time, and felt myself cum, my small load leaking out of my caged clitty. I collapsed to the side, landing in a sizable puddle of mixed cum that had formed, the left side of my dress and face soaking in it.

"Look at that little whore. That’s a fantastic fucktoy you’ve got, Richard," said Master’s guest Frank.

"Oh, I know."

I heard the door open and all the guests leave in a single group. I was once again alone with Master. He lifted me from the floor by my collar, pulling me into an upright position.

"You were a very good girl tonight, slut." I smiled. Nothing made me happier than Master’s approval. "Now lick up all that cum off the floor."

I obeyed, cleaning the delicious amalgam of cum with my tongue, swallowing it all.

"Good. Now that you’ve had your supper, follow me."

Master led me up the stairs. He had me enter my dressing/bathroom, and I placed the cum-covered dress, panties, and stockings in the hamper, to be washed in the morning. I was about to step into the shower when he stopped me.

"Leave that cum in your hair for me tonight. Just to remind you." I nodded and walked out, standing right before him. I was now completely nude save for my collar and cock-cage. Master gave my tits a short squeeze, then led me into his bedroom. My cage, as always, sat in the corner. Master opened the cage’s door. I got on all fours and crawled in. Once I was fully inside, Master slammed the cage shut and locked it. He flipped the lightswitch, and I curled up on the cage floor.

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I ran a hand over his black T-shirt, enjoying the feeling of the muscles beneath. With my forefinger, I traced over the white letter ‘S’ in the word “Security”. He grinned down at me. I could feel something getting firm in his jeans, below my chin. Experimentally, I opened my mouth a bit and ran it down the bulge, already a telltale shape running down the side of his leg. I felt it get bigger in my mouth, the light caress of my lips felt through the garment. He bit his lip, still staring at me. I stuck out my tongue, and licked the impressive bulge a few times. It tasted like cloth, of course, but that still found some way to be delicious.

Deciding he’d had enough, the guard effortlessly unbuttoned the jeans, his package forcing itself out, doing half the work for him. It sprang up before me, pointing vertically, and throbbing in an almost intimidating way.

"You know what to do."

That I did. I opened my mouth wide, sat up straight, and dove in over it, fondling his musky, sweat-covered cock with my tongue and mouth. I felt his hand on the back of my head, and he slowly pushed down, driving himself into me. I relaxed as he did, and he worked into a slow rhythm, pumping me over his shaft.

As he did, he reached around and into my skirt, grabbing the strap of my panties. He slid them down to my knees. First he toyed with my balls and the base of my cock a bit, but after a few seconds he pressed his middle and forefingers on my ass. They slid in, and he began fingering me gently.

By know, though, he wasn’t being gentle with my head. He was facefucking me fully, thrusting me over his cock a few times a second. I was in heaven.

"Little sissy slut. You love this." I tried to give him an affirmative look, but I don’t know how successful I was.

After a while, he started to slow down. He stopped completely, and pulled me off him. He grabbed his cock with his hand.

"Get ready."

A massive gush of cum shot from his member. I closed my eyes as quickly as possible as he deposited load after load of his delicious semen into my waiting mouth and over my face and hair.

When he was done, I blinked open my eyes and smiled at him.

"God, Sir… that was amazing. I almost hate to wash off."

"Oh, don’t do that. Anything wrong with a guy showing off his handiwork?"

I blushed hard, but didn’t protest as he opened the door and led me out of the cramped storage closet back onto the dance floor, still coated with his drying cum.

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I finally wrote something!


"Well, Erika?" Owner stared expectantly at me. His member was half-hard and already looked intimidating. He sat in front of me, his pants cast aside, revealing his muscular legs and absolutely terrifying cock. "Do a slutty dance for me, girl. I want to get a nice look at that wonderful ass of yours."

Blushing, I turned on my heel, letting him see my back. I was only wearing lacy black panties and an identical (and entirely unnecessary) bra, so there wasn’t a whole lot of me left to the imagination.

I bent over, showing him my panties and the little bulge my small cock made, gyrating my hips and working my ass. I placed an inexpert hand on my left cheek, pulling it up in a way that I hoped was appealing. I slipped a finger around my panties’ strap, and pulled it briefly aside, exposing my pink hole.

"That’s a very sexy dance, Erika."

I felt something wrap around my chest. It was Owner’s arm.

He spinned me around again, and forced me to my knees. He then slowly sat in his chair, his shaft pointing directly up. “Okay, slut. Worship it.”

I buried my face in his crotch. My tongue ran up and along his massive dick, slowly wetting it. I breathed in his musk deeply, savoring the raw masculinity of it. I was rubbing his damp shaft across my cheek, my saliva and his precum rubbing over it; I was gently sucking his cock’s head; I was licking his balls all over. It was all a blur. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, other than that it felt right.

"How does it feel to know that your one and only purpose is to service me?" Owner asked. I smiled slowly up at him. "Well, you’re an eager little bitch, aren’t you?" he continued. "Take off those panties." I obeyed, letting them fall to the floor. My four-inch prick was exposed. I kept blushing.

Wordlessly, Owner rose, and took me firmly in his hands. He pressed me onto the ground, rolled me over gently, and worked me into a position so that my knees were bent, but the rest of my body was limp, so only my ass and lower back were above the floor. I felt more exposed than I ever had been in my life.

I wasn’t permitted to relish the feeling, though, as in seconds I heard Owner spit, then felt something wet rubbed in and around my asshole. Then a massive, intense pressure right at my entrance.

Owner slowly forced himself in me as I twitched, his gargantuan shaft stretching me, filling me.

"Oh God, S-Sir… that’s…." was all I managed to say.

"Shut right the fuck up, you cunt. You don’t speak without permission.”

He reached around me, forcing something into my mouth. They were my discarded panties. I could taste my own precum on my gag.

Owner slowly started to thrust into me. I couldn’t do anything but squirm and moan, and the latter was significantly muffled.

"You like that, Erika?"

I nodded yes.

"You’ve got a very nice, tight hole. I think you’ll be a good little fucktoy."

He kept fucking me, slowly working up a speed. He grunted with each thrust, and he soon was rocking me back and forth at an alarming rate.

Finally, he drew to a halt. I could feel short bursts of warmth being deposited deep inside me. As he pulled out, a thin river of cum ran down my right leg.

"Jesus, Erika. That was fantastic. I think I’ll have a lot of fun with you. Into your cage, and we’ll play again in the morning."

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Anonymous asked: all the stuff you write is amazing! got me extremely horny <3

My first anon ask!

This makes me feel strangely warm… I’m very glad to hear that you like it!

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I kissed her deeply, grinding my cock against hers. Master was staring at us, slowly tugging at his erection. I kept sloppily rubbing against her, as she pinched at my nipples. I couldn’t help but make a number of sidelong glances at Master. He was still there, looking at us without any emotion.

Finally, he spoke up.

"That’s enough play, girls. Come here and service me."

Sarah and I were Master’s pets. I was 19, and had been his slave for about ten months. Sarah was 20, and had been serving him far longer than I. Master was 26.

He and I had met over the internet, and it wasn’t long before he offered to take me in as his pet. I agreed readily, and was now living a content life under him. Sarah and I cleaned for, cooked for, and were fucked by Master.

We scampered to him. His cock was seven inches long, and thick. He was sitting in one of his chairs, and his impressive length towered over me like a colossus as Sarah and I kneeled before him.

"Good girls. Go ahead."

I experimentally leaned in and gave the underside of his shaft a long lick.

"That’s it," he said. "Sarah, give her some help." She complied.

We both ran our tongues over his member, slowly wetting it. In a matter of seconds, it was drenched in our saliva.

"Okay," continued Master, "that’s very good. You two just sit right there like good little girls. Press your heads together, lean in, that’s it. Good".

He took his dick in hand, and started to make slow up-down strokes. He sped up slowly, his cock looking more mouthwateringly swollen by the second. At last, I spotted a telltale twitch at the base.

"O-open your mouths," he managed to croak out, before he shot a thick white blob of his seed into my waiting mouth. More sprayed out quickly, and both Sarah and I soon had our faces thoroughly coated in the stuff.

Having finished, he took a long, satisfied look at us. We sat there, faces and mouths full of cum, smiling. “What good little bitches you are. Lick up that mess on each other’s faces, and be just as good tomorrow, and maybe I’ll let you cum. But for now, clean each other and right back into your cage.”

I swallowed what was in my mouth, turned to Sarah, and began to lap up Master’s cum.

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I need a better blog name than ‘sissyfaggotlife’.
Even though there are only five of you, any ideas?